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Halina and Margaret P nail technicians


Classic manicure

Come in to have your nails shaped, your cuticles

softened, and the latest collection of nail colors

applied. We include a relaxing hand massage as

a crescendo to your spa experience.

We use the finest polishes:

Gel manicure

For longer life we provide gel manicures. These are

like our classic manicures with gel colors.

Beautiful and longer lasting.


Spa pedicure

While enjoying our Jacuzzi chairs have your toe

nails shaped and your cuticles and skin softened.

We smooth the rough spots on the bottom of your

feet. After a foot massage we apply your choice

from our many colors of polish.

Choose from the finest polishes:

Services and Fees

Manicure                                                               (30 min)               $20.00

Gel Manicure                                                        (60 min)               $40.00

Pedicure with Foot Massage and Jacuzzi    (60 min)               $40.00

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